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The lab is here to make sure that every hour of your precious training time is not wasted in the 'junk' zone.


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Building a bike that fits perfectly and meets your needs can take years. We are here to take years off that process and get it right the first time!


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Athletic clothing can improve your performance, change with your environment, and accelerate your recovery.


eric2Being a roadie, I'm obsessed with racing as much as possible to stay happy. This did not happen this year. But a number of other things took my riding to the next level.

I discovered Anthony at Training FX, while searching for a new derailleur clamp. While there, I noticed that he carried a saddle that I was interested in trying. After 3 years of agonizing pain in my nether regions, and over $1000 in failed attempts to find a comfortable saddle, I test rode the Selle SMP.

It only took about 5 minutes to realize that my search was over, but Anthony still insisted that I take the demo before buying to be sure.

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TrainingFx - The Ergonomics of Sport

Sport in its essence is an exploration of self, and to trully explore you must be willing to break the mold made for you by others, seek your own limits, then blow them away! That perfect moment requires many things to come together at just the right time. However one of those factors that should never be missed is how you fit the tools of your chosen sport. How you fit will be with you through the good days and the bad, training and racing.

Cyclists need to start with the most scientifically researched bike fit system ever developed and the finest collection of custom and hand made cycling products in the country.

Triathletes who have to split their focus need to know what is the most important skill to maximize their training effect, and more importantly, their recovery each day. If you are doing an Ironman, nothing is more important than comfort so you can focus your energy on the road ahead.

Crossfit athletes, where you sometimes have eight minutes to get the job done, want every step and thrust to count. Better stability and faster recovery on the fly will shave valuable seconds.

Just because we are not professional athletes with multi-million dollar budgets behind our efforts, does not mean we do not work as hard, suffer, sweat and deserve world class products and support. 

We have a singular purpose: A perfect fit everytime!


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